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28 Feb 2014

How are you rockers? \m/ Here some new live footage from us! All the best!

08 Feb 2014

This time we will not forget to post on twitter!: 14 Jan P3 Purmerend! Come see us :)

25 Apr 2013

RT @Hennigan525: @chasing_faith Bought ur album off ITunes. I love it!!!

14 Apr 2013

Dankjewel @PentagramMetal !!

10 Apr 2013

3000! Thanks guys for all the nice feedback and comments. Really motivates us to keep going :)

08 Apr 2013

We would love to see you guys on facebook as well so we can share events. music and a lot more with you!

08 Apr 2013

Wow we don't even have one hour of music @tracyldukes :D Thank you so much!

08 Apr 2013

Good that you 'Say it" @Neti_ =)

08 Apr 2013

Damnit, feels good to get inspired and lay some tracks down :]

08 Apr 2013

RT @J_C_Ryan: Have a listen to @chasing_faith brilliant band!!!

07 Apr 2013

RT @robertholan: @chasing_faith are Terribly Incredible! Enough said.

07 Apr 2013

RT @MattyRulz666: @chasing_faith what a fuckin' cool name for a band

07 Apr 2013

RT @Side_Door_Seb: Listening to @chasing_faith 'Say it' On FB and instantly like. nederlandse en koel, dankjewel.

06 Apr 2013

NEW SONG We hope you'll press the play button for "Too many times!" ;-) Enjoy and spread the music!

31 Mar 2013

Rock your Easter pretty please!

27 Mar 2013

RT @MarijeSusan: Leuk interview gehouden met gitarist Sander van post-grunge rockband @chasing_faith. Donderdag in #Jamsessie! #dagbladW ...

27 Mar 2013

It's been a while... But... Good news! The new songs are almost finished, we can't wait to put them online and share them :)

19 Jun 2012

Zeer vette backdrop ontvangen van @nhpoplive Bedankt hiervoor!!! En alle schreeuwers en juichers natuurlijk ;)

12 Jun 2012

RT @ROARezine: Wij waren aanwezig bij @nhpoplive in @manifestohoorn1 met @chasing_faith @samsaxton1 en @kissingjane

09 Jun 2012

Top avond in de Manifesto voor @nhpoplive met @KissingJane @velvvet @samsaxton . Bedankt voor de support allemaal!

30 May 2012

RT @KORPSDERPLAGEN: Vanavond een heel tof optreden van Chaising Faith (@chasing_faith) mogen aanschouwen in P3 te Purmerend! Probz voor ...

19 May 2012

RT @ROARezine: Wij waren gisteren bij de eerste showcase van @nhpoplive met @KissingJane @chasing_faith en @velvvet

19 May 2012

Great times at @P3 Purmerend for @nhpoplive Thanks to everyone!

19 May 2012

RT @bwyldechylde: @chasing_faith wanted to stop by and say rock on ! Keep up with the awesome music! #slowrecovery

19 May 2012

RT @MrM4rtin: @chasing_faith really tore up P3 tonight! Best performance yet. Rock as it was intended.#GreatnessAtHand

19 May 2012

RT @RaimonBekker: @chasing_faith was keihard aan het rocken!

11 May 2012

Tonight, 20.00 De Victorie in Alkmaar, we are ready to rock!

05 May 2012

We are now officially on Spotify and in the iTunes store!

02 May 2012

Yes we love the news however somehow we ended up posting it! Sorry for all the spam!

25 Apr 2012

Excuse us for the spam. Hootsuit messed some stuff up!

16 Apr 2012

Lot of good stuff going on here! Acoustic versions, some nice gigs next month and a new fresh ballad :) Can't wait to share it all!